Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

We strive to be a vibrant church community that challenges individuals to craft their own spiritual journeys and to engage in creative and responsive action in the world.


Mission Statement

We support the creative tension between intellect and spirit, science and faith, individual and community, tradition and change, challenging us to honor our legacy by embracing the future.

Core Values

  • We value the spirit of inquiry which respects the religious, humanist, and spiritual teachings from many wisdom traditions.

  • We value the direct experience of the mystery that moves us to engage in the never-ending search for universal truths that free the mind.

  • We value the active practice of love and justice in human relationships which validate the worth and dignity of each human being, inspiring us to deepen our commitment to deeds over creed, calling us to grow the soul.

  • We value community founded on the purposeful inclusion of all, in the service of others within the church and beyond, connecting and empowering us to change the world.


Inclusion Statement


We, the congregation of Fountain Street Church, create a community that is intentionally welcoming to all. We do this without requiring adherence to any religious belief or creed. We foster a climate of purposeful inclusion, an environment where all can feel safe, valued, cared for, and given an opportunity to form meaningful connections with each other. We cherish the diversity of humanity, a diversity which includes differences in age, race, ethnicity, and national origin, range of abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, financial means, education, and political perspective. These beliefs and practices apply to all of the activities of our congregation; they inform all of our decisions.