Tower Club

Sunday at 10:00am in Room 405

Tower Club is the middle school youth group, and it provides opportunities for service-learning, social connections, and spiritual growth. Tower Club explores the practices, holidays, and beliefs of a diversity of world religions and spiritual traditions. To learn more about Tower Club or to be added to the parent email list, please contact Rev. Christopher Roe at


Fountain Club

Sunday at 10:00am in Room 205

Fountain Club is for high school-aged teens. The goal is to provide a community of safety and inclusion where high school youth have the opportunity to discover and explore spiritual and religious concepts within the context of their daily lives. The adult ministry leaders of Fountain Club seek to provide opportunities for exploration, adventure, and leadership, while working to ensure an environment of safety, tolerance, and diversity. Fountain Club holds fundraisers throughout the year to support the group’s activities and service trips.

For more information on Fountain Club, please contact Rev. Christopher Roe at croe@fountainstreet.orgRegular updates about upcoming Fountain Club activities are sent via email to parents and are posted for youth in the Fountain Club Facebook group. Scheduling updates are posted in the weekly Friday Flash and monthly Chimes newsletter.

Show Your Colors


The Diversity Stake™ is a colorful garden ornament lovingly handmade by FSC's Fountain Club, our high school youth group. Proceeds finance a service and learning trip. 

Each stake measures 1” x 1” x 48" and is hand painted in the colors of the rainbow, plus black and white to represent racial diversity. The stakes have multicolored ribbons fluttering from the top and a label reading "Fountain Street Church" Diversity Stake" is attached.

Watch for an annual Diversity Stake sale near the Social Hall on Sunday.