Social Action is as basic to Fountain Street Church as Worship and Learning. It is one of the three core principles of liberal religion, in fact – to free the mind, grow the soul, and change the world.  

Historically, we have been most engaged around Women’s Reproductive Rights and Civil Liberties. The local chapters of Planned Parenthood and the ACLU were organized at FSC half a century ago.  For many years we have served as the home for the Choice Fund which provides financial support for women in need of reproductive health services. And we have focused our FSC Art Prize venue on art that reflects issues of the day, cosponsoring a juried award with the local ACLU to promote artistic expression of important issues.  

But that is just the tip of the social action iceberg at FSC. Here is a partial list of what we are doing these days:

  • FSC funds an annual full scholarship at GRCC for a DACA  or undocumented student. 

  • We provide financial support to those in need through partnerships with Family Promise, Degage Ministries, HQ, and The Bridge at Arbor Circle.

  • Members and friends of FSC and other congregations gather at Rosa Parks Circle on the first Wednesday of each month at 12:15pm to demonstrate for The Movement for Black Lives.  We began monthly demos a decade ago in support of Marriage Equality. 

  • We support and help sponsor GR Pride, serving the LGBTQ community

  • Members host a monthly bingo game at Ferguson House, and SRO serving low income citizens.  They have also served at God’s Kitchen, which provides a daily meal to those without food.

  • We offer comprehensive Sexuality education in our Education Program, using both Our Whole Lives (a program produced y the UUA and the UCC) and Planned Parenthood Curriculum.

  • FSC partners with GRCC to host their Diversity Lecture series, and serves as the venue for the Three College MLK observance.  

  • We also have a Social Action Committee that oversees our virtually unique grant program. All cash collected every Sunday is set aside to be returned to the wider community through a grant process that invites profits to apply. They distribute upwards of $50,000 every year in grants ranging between $200 and $2000. In the decade since it began we have given almost $500,000 to dozens of groups.  

Fall 2018 :  Recipients of Grants


Family Promise & FSC Build Guild - Housing Support
Community Media Center - Training Scholarships
Heartside Ministries - Social Services Program
North End Community Center - Food Bank and Diabetes Education
Urban Roots - Food Subsidies and Equipment
GR Community College - Scholarship for DACA/ undocumented student
ANSWER Nepal - Education
Better Body Image Conference - Self Image and Workshop Grant
Camp Sunshine Scholarship - Students with cognitive impairments
Degage - People Experiencing homelessness and disadvantaged individuals
The Diatribe - Performing arts programming for young people
Dirt City Sanctuary - People experiencing homelessness
Neighborhood Assistance FSC - Administered by Heartside Ministries

If you want to know more about any of these activities, to attend the Social Action Committee, to apply for a grant, or to suggest new ideas, contact our Senior Minister, Fred Wooden, at

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