2021 Nominating Committee

The FSC Nominating Committee is searching for potential candidates for the Governing Board. We are looking to develop a slate of eight candidates for the election in November 2021 for the term from January 2022 through December 2024.

The Nominating Committee consists of the following members:

Some facts about the FSC Governing Board:

  • The GB comprises 15 members at any given time and meets once a month at church and one Saturday in February for a retreat

  • Each member term is three years, and members may seek reelection for one successive term.

  • The Nominating Committee strives to have eight candidates for each annual GB election, some of whom may be current GB members running for a second term. A church member's personal and professional experience are invaluable contributions to the GB’s operation. Three current board members whose first terms expire this year have agreed to run again in November for a second term. So we are looking to add five more candidates to this list. 


Expectations for a Governing Board member:

  • Attending scheduled monthly board meetings held 11 months of the year. No meeting in July.

  • Communicating ideas and goals with attention to church needs and trends.

  • Taking responsibility for the fiduciary, financial, and sustainable future of the church.

  • Joining a committee and supporting any associated initiatives or studies.

  • Recognizing and facilitating relationships with skill and diplomacy for the good of all.

  • Organizing to plan, delegate, and prioritize influence.

  • Participating in strategic thinking, envisioning, and evaluating ideas brought to the board.

  • Inspiring FSC’s educational and service groups and being a resource for them.

If you are interested please email the Nominating Committee or contact any of the committee members.