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Listening Circles


The FSC Governing Board is asking for your participation in the listening circle process. This process will be an opportunity for our communities to discuss our hopes for FSC’s future and help define priorities for the Governing Board.


What to expect at your listening circle: A listening circle is not a dialogue or discussion, it is not designed for reconciliation or healing, though that may occur; we will not make decisions or recommendations, but the ideas shared will be passed on to the Governing Board.

Listening Circle Norms:

  • each person has the opportunity to share their own perspective for 3-5 minutes in responding to two questions posed (see below.)

  • when one person is sharing, others listen but do not comment, instead we respond with active, deep listening

  • you are allowed to pass, and just listen

  • personal specifics are kept in confidence, but learning and ideas will be shared.


Note, the facilitator or a volunteer will be taking notes to share themes, ideas, and key take-aways with the Governing Board.


The Two Questions:

  1. What are your hopes for the future of Fountain Street Church?

  2. Given what you hope for, what do you fear would get in the way?

You will be able to participate either through zoom or in person. Listen circles will be offered before church (8:30-9:30) and after church (11:30-12:30) on the Sundays during the month of October. There will also be some weekday options available if Sunday does not work well for you.

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