Social Action Grant Pre-Application

If you would like to apply for a Social Action Grant for your organization or project, please submit the form below. Someone will contact you with more information.

Thank you for applying! We will contact you soon.

Official Guidelines for Grant Applicants

  1. Decisions on funding for social ministry will be made by the Social Action Committee according to procedures established and reviewed annually.

  2. Regular decisions on funding proposals will be made once per year in the October/November time frame. Each applicant will be invited to share information regarding their organization and the reason they are requesting a grant.

  3. In order to be considered for funding, organizations are required to complete a grant application on a form provided on the FSC website.

  4. Proposals may be made or advocated by members of the Committee and the congregation for specific projects, or for general fund contributions to existing community, national, or international agencies. Formal applications will still be required.

  5. Committee members who are closely involved with an organization seeking funding will not participate in the final decision-making on grant applications.

  6. Emergency or time-sensitive needs arising between the regular submission dates may be considered at other meetings if funds are available to make this feasible. Conditions may be put upon such funding.