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Founded in 1869, historic Fountain Street Church has proudly served the West Michigan community for 150 years. Throughout its history, FSC has been a beacon for liberal religion and a haven for discussion and action, regardless of controversy. The church has hosted hundreds of speakers from Susan B. Anthony to Malcom X and musicians like Frank Zappa, Ella Fitzgerald, and U2.

  • Our vision: We strive to be a vibrant church community that challenges individuals to craft their own spiritual journeys, and to engage in creative and responsible action in the world.

  • Our mission: We challenge every individual and our larger community to cultural, intellectual and spiritual growth, honoring the creative tension between tradition and change, intellect and spirit, individual and community, science and faith, as the crucible for testing and refining beliefs.

If you believe Fountain Street Church would be a good professional fit for you, please browse the available positions below and consider applying.




The Organist and Choir Accompanist will provide organ and piano music for Sanctuary worship services, Thursday evening adult choir rehearsals and Sunday morning performances, and other special services where organ or piano is the primary instrument used. 



The Organist and Choir Accompanist must be able to display a professional level of musical talent from training and experience. Additionally, an ideal candidate will communicate, collaborate, and connect well with the Senior Minister, the Choir Director, the Adult Choir, the staff team, and members of the congregation. Finally, the Organist and Choir Accompanist should have a thorough understanding and working knowledge of Fountain Street Church’s theological foundations and our commitment to liberal religion and spirituality, as this deeply nuances the ways in which we worship, gather, and share in ministry with one another. 



  1. Provide organ music and choral accompaniment for worship in the 11:00am Sanctuary service from September through June, with special attention given to fostering robust congregational singing and vibrant liturgical energy.  

  2. Provide piano music and accompaniment for worship in the 10:00am Chapel service from June through September, with special attention given to fostering robust congregational singing and vibrant liturgical energy during the summer months. 

  3. Provide musical accompaniment for weekly choir rehearsals and provide accompaniment for Sunday performances. 

  4. Provide musical accompaniment for occasional guest soloists in worship services, and arrange rehearsals as needed.

  5. Provide accompaniment for Saturday morning Oratorio Choir rehearsals January through April, and play organ/piano in the annual Oratorio Choir Memorial Concert as needed, which is compensated in addition to the stated salary agreement.

  6. Arrange for qualified substitute organist or pianist when absent for church services and choir rehearsals, in consultation with the Senior Minister and the Choir Director.

  7. Arrange for organ and piano maintenance with a qualified organ and piano repair person on an annual and as needed basis.

  8. Provide organ and piano music for weddings and memorial services, which is compensated in addition to the stated salary agreement.

  9. To invest 10-15 hours per week.


Interested and qualified applicants should email a resume and cover letter to the attention of Rev. Christopher Roe at

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