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Sunday at 9:30AM & 11:00AM

Our 9:30 worship offers the opportunity to gather, sing, celebrate and reflect in a smaller, more intimate setting. If you prefer a "small church" experience, this is the place for you!  Led by Interim Chapel Coordinator, Andy DeBraber, Chapel worship connects to ancient religious rituals and traditions, through acts of story, festival, and practice.

The Chapel community seeks to rewrite the rules of what it means to go to church. 

  • You've never sung music like this in church and once you experience it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Our chapel band leads us singing songs you already know - from 60’s soul to 90’s rock. Everyone has the opportunity to make music - shakers and tambourines are provided! 

  • We are inspired by the creative arts. We feature work by one or more artists in the chapel continuously. The installation illustrates the concepts from our teachings and invites deeper contemplation and conversation.

  • We encourage deep and active connections within ourselves, between each other, and out into world. You may not currently be active in daily mindfulness, loving-kindness neighboring, or knowing the local community groups that work to help the less fortunate. You will have exposure to all  this through our community.

  • We won’t tell you what to believe. We’ll simply ask the questions that can help guide your path.  We come together in a spiritually-curious and open minded way. This is a safe place to explore spiritual-religious thoughts, doubts and questions. Teaching is in a conversational manner that invites inquiry and dialogue in a way you may have never experienced before using imagery, video, spoken word, and sacred story.

  • We share both joys and concerns, and offer up ways to share our gifts with others.  

  • Our promise to you in our chapel is this: You can create the life of deeper meaning and greater value your heart desires. Help is available. It will take practice.

Come sing, learn, and engage with others exploring Life and Life abundant! Enjoy great coffee (because we know 9:30 is a bit early!).

Questions?  Connect with the FSC Chapel community on Facebook.

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