FSC On-Line Auction

Here is great opportunity to offer a skill or talent in the name of fun and fellowship. You can also offer items like art, jewelry or antiques—with all proceeds going to the general fund of Fountain Street Church.

SERVICES: Can you deliver food, walk a dog, garden, paint, teach a skill, offer a cottage stay or host a pool party? Get creative! Services may be offered anonymously.

GOODS: If your spring cleaning has uncovered some “treasures”, you can find them a new home. Items should be in perfect or near- perfect condition. Please provide a description, including dimensions and attach a photo.

DONATING: Print out and mail in this form to the church office. Attach photos or e-mail them to auction@fountainstreet.org.

BIDDING: You can see the donated services and items at 32auctions.com/fsc2022. All bidding will all take place from that web site. The auction bidding starts March 27 and ends at 1:15 pm, Sun. April 17th, 2022

FINE PRINT: Donations are accepted with the following understanding:

• ALL proceeds will benefit general operations of the church.
• While we appreciate all donations, the Auction Committee may limit the number or types of services or items offered.
• The Auction Committee cannot guarantee your donation will sell at or above the estimated value.
• The Auction Committee cannot vouch for authenticity of items.
• Winning bidders must contact donors to arrange for services to be rendered or items to be exchanged.
• All services should be rendered or items exchanged within one year (April 30, 2023), unless another date is specified by the donor and agreed to by both the donor and the bidder.
• There can be only one winner for each offering unless otherwise noted.

Thank you for your contribution to the Auction! Gifts such as yours play an important part in supporting our vibrant church community.
The value of your donation is tax deductible. You will receive an email acknowledging your donation; however, the Stewardship Committee is unable to determine the value of your contribution. Consult your tax advisor.