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Your Journey

Your Journey

Fountain Street Church believes that religious life is about personal liberation, spiritual animation and social transformation. That's how we free our minds, grow our souls, and change the world.

Liberal Religion lives by four disciplines, toward three goals, by two measures, for one purpose.

The four disciplines of liberal religion are – worship, study, service and sacrifice. That sounds imposing, but you could say we ask members to celebrate, learn, serve, and give. People need all four to be spiritually complete.

The three goals of liberal religion are to "free the mind, grow the soul, and change the world." We use the four disciplines to help us do these things.

The two measures of liberal religion are Time and Treasure. Since we measure deeds, not creeds, at FSC, we ask members to commit 3% of their time and treasure to the well-being of the church. These are floors, not ceilings, by the way. Liberal Religion is a "value added" endeavor.

All of these serve the one purpose – to complete creation. Liberal religion sees every person as unique, with something unique to give the world, something that creation needs to be whole.

Below are links to ways you can chart your journey of liberation, animation and transformation.

Worship and Spiritual Fluency

Learning and Religious Literacy

Serving and Moral Competency

Sacrifice and Giving as a Spiritual Discipline

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