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2016 Pledge Campaign

church in gardens

Connect - Commune - Commit

Church in the Gardens celebrated the spirit that is our Church community with young and old together
Here are some photos from that lovely day -- click to view

THE PAGE THAT COUNTS  Some More Words About Love and Money

We are a church on the cusp of growth...
We are?
Very simply, yes.  Leaving aside, for the moment, the way we usually measure growth -- by the numbers --  what other ways could we evaluate "growth?"
...we're talking about psychological growth, intellectual growth, growth of understanding, growth in capacity for compassion, growth in energy toward that which enlivens and enlarges us...spiritual growth.

Growth as in "Opening up" - opening our willingness to see, hear, fear, to let the world in -- the sense of community, the spirit of connection.
Growth as in "Expanding" our hope, our love, our vision -- encompassing a wider world view.
Growth as in "Broadening and Deepening" our understanding, our compassion, our commitment.
Growth of this kind is not easy nor easily measured. Growth of this kind often brings growing pains. Often, this kind of growth is not steady, predictable, or comfortable. Yet intuitively, we know, we feel its worth.
Growth of this kind requires a foundation -- a place that fosters, encourages, supports this kind of growth... a place like Fountain Street Church.
Growth of this kind requires our attention and intention...requires our gratitude for all we've received in the past, and our commitment to ensure it continues into the future.

So now we're talking "numbers."  And here's the connection --  yes! our financial support makes spiritual growth possible. 
Spiritual growth generates a broadening, deepening sense of reciprocity.  We give to the place that gives to us. It's a generative feed-back loop. Even better, it's not a closed loop but an ever-opening one, connecting us to that wider world.
That's what it means to pledge.
Here are some numbers we're grateful for. To all who've pledged, we thank you.
Here are some numbers we couldn't have reached without your commitment.
Here are some numbers to uplift you, inspire you, prompt you:

$530,223  - the dollar amount pledged as of Nov. 25, 2015
248 - the number of pledges as of Nov 25, 2015
$2,139 - the average pledge amount as of Nov. 25, 2015
99  - number of  pledge increases made as of Nov 25, 2015
22 - number of new pledges as of Nov 25, 2015
$850,000 - number that represents the campaign goal for 2016

Thank you for helping us reach these numbers! 
As we head into the conclusion of the fall pledge campaign, we invite you to act boldly,  inspired by the growth you sense in you and around you.  A sense of connection and communion which grows us toward commitment...and moves us to give from the deepest sense of ourselves.
We thank you,

The Stewardship Committee
Jean Bahle, Michael May, Brian Walters, and Bryan Van Kley

P.S. ..a gentle reminder...
Your financial support of Fountain Street Church is crucial - for you, your family and friends, and for those who find us in the future.  Please let us know about your pledge today so that we may carefully plan for 2016.  We are ever grateful to you for keeping the legacy of a liberal cathedral growing.

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