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Social Outreach

Fountain Street Church emphasizes that it is more about "deeds than creeds."
At FSC we have four ministries: worship, education, social action, and fellowship. Each ministry has several expressions and forms. Explore them all, because a meaningful and spiritual life needs all four.
You will find in the list of options that we will cover the multiple options for engagement, service and community: 
  • Serving Ministries- If you are interested in finding out more information regarding our Social Justice initiatives as well as community partners go to this option.
  • Church Life Leadership- This section focuses on the committees of the board, groups apart of our care community, and groups responsible for important aspects of church operations.
  • Choice Fund- Explains the history of the fund and how to receive scholarships for services. 
  • Volunteer Opportunities- Outlines some opportunities of ways to get involved on a volunteer basis within the church.
  • Community Life and Interest Groups- Provides a list of on-going groups that you can get involved within the FSC community. 

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