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Your Journey

Serving and Moral Competency

What should you do with your life? At FSC we think everyone wants to find the place "where their deep joy meets the world's great need," and Frederick Buechner puts it. As ministry means service, we all want to find our ministry.

FSC wants to help you find yours. Here is how we can help you. Take part in our many serving opportunities that include:

  • Supporting homeless and poor folks through Family Promise, Dwelling Place welcome services, and God's Kitchen
  • Advocate through the Amnesty International Group that meets at FSC, through the FSC Choice Fund which helps women in need of abortion services, help our work with the Red Project hosts the World AIDS Day observance at FSC, serve on the Social Action Committee that decides which groups will receive our Sunday Collection funds.
  • Help our Character School Social Action team, chaperone our high school group (Fountain Club) on its Service Learning trips
  • Download "(Over) 100 Things You Can Do to Save the World" and then ask one of the clergy to help you choose which ones are for you
  • Create your path to spiritual fluency by downloading "100 Things Every Religious Liberal Can Do to Grow The Soul." Then schedule a meeting with one of our clergy to help plan your journey.

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