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Serving Ministries

Social Justice Ministries

Service is one of the four disciplines of a liberal faith, the way we make our ideas into reality and our lives meaningful. Our Young People are taught to say "We are Fountain Street Church - with minds that learn, hearts that love, and hands that are willing to serve." That applies to grownups as well.

We serve in many ways - each other in the church, but also our neighbors beyond the church. Every group in the church seeks ways to serve, but some exist primarily to serve.

Beyond Sunday Shared Ministry is our District church program that serves six regional areas based on zipcode. Some of the social action activities they are apart of are:

  • Dwelling Place - providing move-in baskets to those entering low income housing after being on the street. Also, a monthly "bingo night" for residents of the housing.
  • Family Promise - staffing overnight shelter for homeless families
  • God's Kitchen - a monthly crew to help prepare meals
  • Heartside Ministries - volunteers support events to aide our downtown neighbors
  • Beach clean-up days along the lakeshore. 
  • Feeding America- Bi-yearly group supports issues of poverty and hunger.
  • Supports our aging populations by having a yearly Christmas party.
  • And many more opportunities...
For more information on the District program as well as other volunteer opportunities, please contact the Rev. Elizabeth Barnum at either (616) 459-8386, ext. 215, or

The Social Action Committee is involved in a number of initiatives for community outreach, education, and social justice.  The Committee, on behalf of the congregation of FSC, offers grants to organizations that help "Change the World."  The loose offerings that are gathered each Sunday are collected for the purpose of supporting local start up and existing non-profits that are creating change for our Grand Rapids community.  Apply for a Social Action grant.

If you have any questions/concerns, please e-mail or contact the Rev. Jason Hubbard at either (616) 459-8386, ext. 223, or

For our youth, we have a special program called the Character School Social Action Team.  For more information, contact Lydia Stubbs for more details at either (616) 459-8386, ext.226, or  

Another service we provide through Fountain Street Church is the Choice Fund, which is a historic program that assists women in need of abortion services who lack the money to pay for them. 

William James said, "the secret to a meaningful life is to spend it on something larger than your own." 

Here are some of the community partners we have worked with or supported along our history of Social Justice within the Grand Rapids community:

If you want to find out how you can take part in these, or start your own social justice work, contact Jason Hubbard via e-mail or phone at 616-459-8386 Ext. 223.

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