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Sacrifice and Giving as a Spiritual Discipline

Talk is cheap, as they say. Actions speak louder than words, they say. Put your money where you mouth is, they say. Sacrifice literally means, to make sacred. It is the investment of your time and treasure that turns thoughts into deeds.

FSC believes we need to have some 'skin in the game' to make a real difference in our own lives and the world. Below are ways you can sacrifice

- Make an annual pledge to FSC. Almost 80% of our revenue and over 90% of our operating funds come from pledges of support made by members and friends.

- Put money in the plate on Sunday. All loose cash becomes part of our Social Action Fund that is given to groups inside and outside the church doing good for others. It funds an annual full scholarship for a poor student to GRCC, replenishes our Neighborhood Assistance Fund, and reaches places as far away as Nepal.

- Become a member of the Liberal Legacy Society, those who give or make planned estate gifts to our endowment funds that preserve the building for future and community use. 

- Take part in Congregational Leadership through several organizations and committees that assist and advise the staff in areas like worship, education, social action, community life.

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