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Red District

As members of Fountain Street Church, we want you to be, and feel like, a vital part of your church family. It's a large family, and we know that the connection can be hard to make, but Beyond Sunday and the Red District is here to help.

Who are we? We are Tom and Suellen Bandyk, John and Anne Grima, and Lisa Newhouse - your Red District coordinators. It will be our job to bring Red District members together. We will do that by providing opportunities for group action and personal interaction. Our group will provide service to each other, and to the community around us. Often, friendship and support is what we want and need, and likewise, the community around us can use our help in a number of ways.

As district coordinators, we have chosen to focus the Red District's energies on children and education. We are continuing a partnership with the Grand Rapids Montessori School with support of various kinds, including the Christmas Wish Tree program. We led a church-wide program that provided school supply-type gifts to teachers and staff at the Montessori School. We contributed almost $500 in cash and tons of things like dictionaries, electric pencil sharpeners, hoola hoops,  a vacuum cleaner, sporting equipment, and much more. We made a difference. We changed the world.

Getting Busy at FSC!

Following the 11:00 a.m. service, please drop by your Red District table in the social hall to say "hi" and plug yourself into the goings-on at FSC and the Red District. We hope to see some familiar faces and many new ones, as well!  We are here to help you be a part of FSC. Come see what's in store!

In the scheme of things, being a part of FSC, or anything else, is up to you. Take the time, take the challenge, and grow with us in fellowship and fun! Oh, and if you would like to bring a treat to share at our Red District table, it will be gratefully received and shared with one another!
  • Want to hear about "Dinner For Eight?"
  • What will we do this year?
  • Let's do lunch after church... or breakfast before church!
  • We want to hear from YOU!!

Because we cannot accomplish anything without you, please get involved! We're betting that you will get quite a bit of satisfaction out of it. We work, and we enjoy that work as we do it. So get connected in your Red District!

Contact us with your ideas, questions, and to just get involved at You can contact us at any time to ask how you can help. Don't worry about it because you will never be given a task that you can't do. We do easy things that change the world!


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