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We have been called an "impossible church."
Baptist in background, we have been a liberal church since 1896. An image of Charles Darwin was installed in our stained glass windows in 1922, and since 1960 we have been independent of any denomination and welcoming of anyone who desires to Free their Mind, Grow their Soul, and Change their World.  
Our majestic sanctuary has heard words from Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, poets, and politicians. It has also been a stage for Arlo Guthrie, Terence McNally's "Corpus Christi," Richie Havens, Sinbad, Louis Farrakhan, and Michael Moore.

And every week it welcomes everyone who wants to come in - children, elders, young adults, homeless neighbors; and those who have been left out, cast out, or simply walked out of other religions. 
Though part of no denomination, we work with other houses of worship and organizations to serve the poor, stand up for the oppressed, and create a world of "liberty and justice for all."  
We demand no specific beliefs from anyone, but insist on integrity of beliefs from all. We do not tell you how to be good, but demand that each of us serve the greater good.
Fountain Street Church is far from perfect. But we have a dream, and maybe you share that dream with us. One thing is certain, we need people, perhaps you, to help us make that dream come true.

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