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Memorial Art Project

FSC has a new feature in the Memorial Tower Room, installed and dedicated in March 2014. It is a stone frieze, or "chair rail," consisting of five rows of slate tiles carved with the names of loved ones who have died. The memorial will have room for at least 300 names, which will be added over time. Persons eligible for inclusion are congregants and their loved ones, and others with a spiritual connection to FSC.

With so few families purchasing cemetery plots and headstones, a memorial offers a physical place to honor and remember friends and loved ones in a familiar place. It will provide a place for intimate dedication services, and temporary displays of flowers and mementos. Secondly, it will be a source of revenue for the care of the church building. Each tile has room for names, along with birth and death dates, of deceased persons.

To design the piece, a national search was conducted in 2012. A jury of six congregants selected the final design from twenty proposals. Two long-time church members, Paul Arnold and Jim Winter-Troutwine, created the design, donating their time and labor. Paul is an artist and graphic designer, and Jim is an architect specializing in historic preservation. The project took over a year to complete. The FSC Foundation covered the cost of the design competition, along with materials and installation; no operational funds were used.

To purchase a memorial tile, complete an order form and return it with payment to the church office (a service charge will be added for credit card transactions). As long as there is space, two names can share a tile. The rate is $600.00 for one tile, or $1000.00 for two tiles through 2017. After that time, the rate will be $800.00 for one tile or $1250.00 for two tiles for 2018-2019 and $1000.00 for one tile and $1500.00 for two tiles for 2020-2021. You can reserve a space now, and leave instructions with the church and your heirs for a tile to be installed after death. Tiles will be installed in groups of three; most will be installed within six months of submitting a request.

Call the church office at (616) 459-8386 with any questions.

Memorial Tile Order Brochure and Order Form (PDF)  

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