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Study and Religious Literacy

The Bible itself says "You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free." FSC believes learning is essential to spiritual health and wholeness. And the first step is Religious Literacy, a phrase coincidentally used by Stephen Prothero in his book of the same name. He spoke at FSC back in 2010.

At FSC we learn in many ways:

  • Worship always has a teaching portion intended to open your mind to a new idea or a new angle on an old idea.
  • Adult groups range from traditional topics like the Bible, Journaling, Poetry, Yoga, and "Poker and Philosophy." You can find the current offerings from our Grow the Soul committee here
  • Our partners at the GR Community College (link) bring nationally known speakers to FSC that are free to the public. Their schedule can be found here (link to their site and schedule)
  • Our own Duncan Littlefair Great Speakers recruit unusual and unheard voices to speak at FSC for a modest admission fee.
  • Create your own course in religious literacy by downloading "(Way More than) 100 Things Every Religious Liberal Should Know." Feel free to ask one of the clergy for guidance.

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