Keeler Gallery

Fountain Street Church offers a rich art and architectural history to its congregation and the greater West Michigan community.  The Art Committee is the conservator of this heritage.  It builds on Fountain Street's tradition of nurture and appreciation for the artistic, cultural, and intellectual fruits of the human spirit in concert with the mission and vision of our church.  The Committee stages art exhibits in the Keeler Gallery by artists in a variety of media.  the objective is to enlighten the spirits of our diverse congregation and serve as an outreach to the greater West Michigan community.

"Everyone is Downstream"
Keeler Gallery
Exhibit Dates: May 7th - June 25th

Water is the world's most crucial commodity and the basis for all earthly life; it is a commons, a public trust, and a human right. The preservation and protection of this precious resource may be our greatest environmental challenge. The global water crisis affects everyone. It is not just the scientists and environmentalists who are concerned with the global water crisis. The artists in our midst speak to this concern in their own inimitable ways: from the political to the personal and from ethics to aesthetics. We are fortunate at FSC to have over 20 artists from the West Michigan area coming here to explore this important topic. In addition, we will be sharing excerpts from the national tour of "Water, Water, Everywhere: Paean to a Vanishing Resource", which is a remarkable multi-media exhibition of short videos intended to raise awareness and engage people everywhere into the magnificent realm of water. 

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