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Grow the Soul

Grow the Soul is our Adult Education Program, created by members with the help of staff.  They look for ways to help individuals Free their Minds, Grow their Souls, and Change the World.  The goal is religious literacy, spiritual fluency, and moral competence.

At FSC we engage all spiritualities and disciplines in this work, to help individuals find the path they need to learn, grow, and serve. Classes range from multi-week series to single sessions, taught by everyone from FSC Clergy and members to outside experts. You can see our current offerings here.

If you are curious about how to take the next step on your spiritual journey, contact Elizabeth Barnum, our Associate Minister for Education & Pastoral Care. Elizabeth is available to meet with individuals for consultations on how Grow the Soul programs and the FSC community can support your explorations.  Call her at (616) 459-8386 ext. 215 or e-mail her at

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