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Beyond Sunday districts

Green District

The Green District extends from the west side of Grand Rapids through Comstock Park, the Rockford area, and beyond to the north. Cannonsburg Road is one of our southern borders. Our leaders are Louisa Nally, Linda Dodge, and Sue Ward.
Our district gets together in small groups to socialize and also to support church and community projects.
A few of our activities have included:

  • Group service in warehouse of "Feed America" (previously Gleaners)
  • Memorial service assistance
  • Eyeglass donation hosting for the Lions Club
  • Collecting donations to sponsor a woman residing at the Herkimer for the holidays with a food basket, household items not available through food stamps, and a lightweight vacuum
  • Adopt-a-Trail clean-up of one mile of the White Pine Trail
  • Organizing the Free Garage Sale with the Yellow District
  • Promoting and publishing All-Church Picnic information
  • Helping with games for the All-Church Picnic
  • Organizing an all-church White Pine Trail New Year's walk participation

If you or your family have care needs please contact the church, and our Green District members may be able to help you. To be added to our email list and receive Green District and church news e-mail Louisa Nally.

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