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Governing Board

The Fountain Street Church Governing Board is responsible for governance of the Church, including establishment of Church By-Laws and Policies, oversight of Church Finances, Human Resources, and Strategic Planning.  The Governing Board consists of 15 members, each of whom is elected to serve a 3-year term.  Five new Governing Board members are elected annually by the Church membership at the November Annual Meeting.  Meetings are open to the public.  Each meeting includes a congregant comment period, during which time any congregant in attendance may briefly address the Governing Board.  You may send an e-mail message to them at

Current Roster

Kirsten Lundeen 
Vice Chair Win Irwin 
Secretary Paul Arnold
Treasurer Tim Creamer
  Jim Ayers
  Jean Bahle
  Katie Booms
  Kathleen Delp Higgens
  David Dorr
  Pat Eaman 
  Carol Kooistra
  Brad Miller
  Janet Peterson
  Mark Saint Amour 
  Bettegail Shively
Chip Wall, Jr.

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