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Our small group Spirituality Program is largely lay-led. Ranging from five to ten people, meeting between weekly and monthly, these groups combine "intimacy and ultimacy" by bringing individuals closer through deep conversations about their lives as they encounter grief, hope, death, and doubt. Whatever the group wishes to explore can become a topic, as long as it touches their actual lives.

Typically, a group starts with a gathering ritual, then invites people to "check in" about how they are, asking members to speak and listen deeply. Then the topic for the meeting is opened, often by shared reading, but could be any number of ways such as meditation, eating, singing, or watching a video. Then the group reflects together, looking for the connection to their personal lives and to their group life.

Some are more "religious" than others, but all wish to explore the emotional and interpersonal dimensions of life with people who respect and care for them, which allows members to be more open than most relationships.

For more information, please contact one of the facilitators, Mary Peterson at or Kathleen Delp Higgins at

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