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Advent Banners

2014 Advent bannersLiz DeBraber documented her banner creation process in a series of photos curated on Facebook.


Each banner is 15 feet long, hand painted on silk. The edges are serged with silk thread to prevent raveling. Each panel is dyed with a base color, then overdyed in another shade to create a rich, deep color.

For a work table, Liz used her ping pong table and card table, with the fifteen feet of silk spread out and pinned to insulation foam, ready to dye.

The middle of the process: painting the trees. "I have to let the dye dry before I go on so I know what is dark and light."

The first two banners next to each other. "I'm pleased with the results. Still have work to do on both, but looking good so far. And to give you an idea on size, the part you see is draped over my couch. It's all I could fit in the picture!"

Metallic fabric paint brings out the word FAITH, using five different shades of brown, rust, and gold. "It's a balancing act to make it stand out without making it too stark."

For the FAITH banner, silk yardage was painted with the colors of fall leaves. In FSC's early worship service, participants cut the silk into leaf shapes. "I'll affix them to the faith banner later."

Second painting of the third banner. "Do you see the word love? The inspiration for this banner is when a goose is injured or sick, two other geese will fly down with it and wait until it is either better, or has died. Love."

care snowflake Fabric care instructions on a snowflake affixed to the back side of the last banner

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